Stories of Zane riding his Mountain Bike in New Zealand

Beaut Saturday.

I went riding yesterday. Away early with 3 others. A quick stop at the Artisan Bakehouse in Rangiora for yummy goodies and we were soon wandering up a steep hill… An hour and a bit later we were on the tops surveying the hazy Canterbury plains and the forested hills below us. Sitting around in the sunshine munching on food, with smiles in anticipation of the sweet singletrack that lay below us.

Food in and pads on it was time for the fun to begin. A nice steep lumpy rock garden to warm up on before diving into pure beech forest goodness. Getting down the hill takes almost as long as getting up, and the lovely techy trails seem to go on and on. The riding is too much fun to stop and take many photos, but it does look something like this

While Richard and Charlie could not keep from bubbling over about about how much they liked their new Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti forks we were all happy to have some lovely singletrack under our belts we returned to Christchurch via the ice cream shop. Then it was off to vote and I was off to Pomeroys for the announcement of the SOBA New Zealand National Homebrew Competition which had a fantastic surprise for me.


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