Stories of Zane riding his Mountain Bike in New Zealand

Spring 2011 update

Yes, it has been a while since I posted here, but there really has not been any riding that was blogworthy for the last while. It is ok though, you don’t need to worry. I have not lost my love of mountain biking although my bikes have not been ridden much over the cold dark months. One reason there has not been much biking is that many of the Port Hills tracks are still closed after the Christchurch earthquakes due to rockfall danger. It is hard to get much motivation to ride up the hill when there is no way to exit the hills on singletrack. With daylight savings having arrived I can only hope that they are able to complete their rock blasting and rolling sometime soon so that we can once again enjoy all the trails at our back door! At least Worsleys and the Flying Nun are still open and keeping those who need a biking fix sane!

There was plenty of snow this winter, including a couple of decent snowfalls that blanketed Christchurch. The snow might have been late, but there was plenty of it! As usual we got up for a few days skiing at the local fields. It is always nice to get up in the mountains and find some speed on the way back down the slopes! The snow is now dissappearing from the foothills, which means it is time to be out on the fabulous beech forest trails by bike again. I had the first trip of the season in the North Canterbury foothills on Saturday and it was fantastic to be back out on real challenging singletrack! I am really looking forward to being back out on the bike in the mountains after a few months off.

I have started brewing my own beer, and this has taken a fair wack of my time over winter. I am getting some good tasting brews as I refine my recipes and the amount of beer evaluation I have done over winter means it is high time I was back out on the bike and burning some winter padding off. The first few times back up the hill are always the worst, and I have started suffering my penance already!

I have started a blog of brewing over here

In other news, the Kennet Brothers have picked up a couple of the photos from my mountain bike blog for the latest version of their guide book “The eighth edition of Classic New Zealand Mountain Bike Rides”. Being an iconic book I am very happy to have some of my photos selected for use!

Anyway, all going to plan there should soon be more biking blogs with photos up here very soon! Happy trails!


One response

  1. Welcome back! Nice beer blog zane- very cool stuff. Hey if you want to swap website links i’m keen. My new project could do with some traffic and i’m keen to add some great blogs to my links.

    See you out there this Summer.

    October 14, 2011 at 8:57 pm

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