Stories of Zane riding his Mountain Bike in New Zealand

Challenging singletrack is good for clearing your head

Finally out on my bike after a 2 week break bought on by having to deal with earthquake problems here in Christchurch. The February 22nd quake destroyed many buildings and lives here in Christchurch.
2 weeks after the quake there was enough normality returning for us that I was able to escape town with some friends to hit up some nice challenging singletrack in North Canterbury, which is far enough away that it was not damaged by the quake. The hour and a bit to blast straight up the hill (700m vertical) was a good bit of physical exercise to get the blood flowing and the endorphins started. A quick ridge traverse drops you straight into a lovely mixed native forest and the trail descend from here down a valley towards the bottom. The trail goes from fast and flowing through to  very challenging singletrack with steep drops, technical switchbacks and rooty rockgardens. I think fun singletrack with good mates is the perfect antidote to the quake stress!

Some photos


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