Stories of Zane riding his Mountain Bike in New Zealand


Went out for a quick Wed evening ride last night. Was a beautiful still and warm evening as we started out up Worsleys Rd. There was a huge nasty looking black cloud creeping up from the south, but we thought we could probably get a quick loop in before the weather hit!

We got up the road and onto the dirt no problem, and about a quarter of the way up the wind hit. Big gusts at high speed with dust swirlies going on! We kept on going. About halfway up Mike and Bevan decided to put a jacket on as the first drops of rain were starting to appear. As soon as they stopped to find clothing in their bags the heavens opened up. Huge big drops of rain splatting down. I thought it was not so bad and kept riding for a bit… but then the rain got very solid. There was quite large hail smacking down on me, bouncing off my helmet and creating welts on any exposed bits of skin! Whilst it was quite exhilarating the decision to turn around and get out of there was not too hard to make!!

Lots of slippery mushy fun going back down the huge (and now ice and mud covered) ruts!!

Yes that is hail falling!!

Mike having trouble keeping on the straight and narrow

slip sliding away down the mud rocks and hail


One response

  1. Great fun! Makes you rode proper fast when it hurts!

    March 25, 2010 at 10:16 pm

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