Stories of Zane riding his Mountain Bike in New Zealand

New Old Rocky Mountain Blizzard Singlespeed

I bought another bike the other day. A 1995 (as far as I can tell) Rocky Mountain Blizzard. To be fair it was not a complete bike, but rather a frame, fork and a couple of other pieces.

I had been looking for a while for a  nice frame to build up as a single speed, and so this seemed like the perfect bike for it. If anything, it is a touch on the big side, but after taking it out for a blat up the hill today the size seems quite alright.

It is currently built up with a random selection of bits I found in the shed. It has the original 1995 Rockshox Mag 21’s with a whopping 50mm of travel and has some XTR cantilever brakes for stoppers. Those two things are very likely to change pretty soon. A more modern fork with about 80mm of travel sounds like a good idea to me, as does some brakes that actually stop the bike. Coming down the hill today and automatically using one finger to try and bleed some speed I found that the bike was not slowing down much. As for the 50mm of travel, well the Mag 21’s appear to be functioning quite well, but there is a whole bunch of noodling around going on that is a little scary!! Oh and my arms were pretty pumped after man handling the bike through the braking holes that are the bottom half of Vic park, so something with slightly more travel would be nice!

The Blizzard up the hill today

Nice frame with a huge head tube!

Mag 21's and Cantilever brakes - aaahh those were the days

So if anyone happens to have a set of XCish forks they would like to sell me, with a steerer tube length of close to 240mm do let me know.  I have been considering trying to find some Magura hydraulic rim brakes for it too…


June 2010. Now with Magura Raceline D’s for super stopping power. Still have not found a set of forks to replace the Mag 21’s.


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  1. the Eskars live on!!!!

    March 22, 2010 at 8:34 am

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