Stories of Zane riding his Mountain Bike in New Zealand

New DW 5 Spot

A few years ago when I was looking at which bike I should buy I started a thread on Vorb asking some opinions. Back then I did not actually know who Dave Weagle was, but Dave gave me some advice in the thread

(note: I was working in the bike industry at the time, and those 2 brands happened to be what I could get at wholesale prices and so were obvious choices)

The advice Dave gave me was:
So for Inzane, whose thread got all polluted.
No matter what you do, ride before you buy. That will help you to make decisions more than anything. There is all kinds of marketing hype and BS out there. There are 5 vastly differnet suspensions on the market all claiming the same thing. Riding will let you cut the BS and you can see for yourself what really does what.
If you get a chance to, take a MKIII or 7POINT for a rip and see what you think. The bikes are right in line with the others that you mentioned. I can’t guarantee that they will be the bike for you, but I can guarantee that they will put a smile on your face when you ride. Thats all theat really matters in my opinion.
Just have fun and ride!

Well it turns out that I ignored Dave Weagles advice and went and bought a second hand Turner 5 Spot frame without even taking it for a test ride. It is now 4 years on, and I have had the 5 Spot out on many missions and definitely think I made a good bike choice with the Horst Link Turner. It has been perfect for the sort of riding I enjoy and just keeps on going. One reason I went for the Turner was the minimal amount of maintenance the pivot system requires. Just squirt some grease from a grease gun in there every so often and keep riding. 4 years later the bushes need replaced, which for the amount of riding I do is fantastic longevity.

In the meantime, Dave Weagle and Dave Turner have collaborated and the Turner 5 Spot now has DW link suspension, which is supposed to be a step forward in suspension design from both the Horst Link and the TNT suspension design that Turner bikes previously had.

Recently a deal came up on an ex-demo 5 Spot frame in med, which had me considering a new bike, even though the currently bike is still going strong.

Turner 5 Spot

5 Spot Frame

The new bike considerations made me do a bunch of reading and I listened to Dave Turner talk about how he designs bikes etc.

Interview with Dave Turner from September 08 – it is over an hour long!!

After all my reading and listening, my decision was that although my current bike was adequate for the riding I was doing, a new one could be nicer! I once again ignored Dave Weagles advice of test riding before buying. I also ignored my usual advice to people of

  1. Test ride before you buy
  2. Never buy a first year production of a new design
  3. Always buy a complete bike, as you get the parts much cheaper

Knowing Dave Turners reputation for thoroughly testing a bike and suspension design before being happy to release it to the market definitely helped me make the decision, as did hearing all the good reviews that DW link bikes get.

Having had the DW Spot out on a few rides now, I am very happy with the new frame. I transferred all the bits from the previous Spot over which means I get a very good direct comparison of the 2 suspension designs! The good things I notice about the new suspension design.

  • It feels plusher on the way down the hill, and yet the bike does not squat as much from pedal input on the way up.
  • There is plenty of traction when the going up gets steep or technical.
  • It feels nicer to “pump” on undulating fast trails and generally feels smoother through the rough.
  • When going off drops it feels like there is more travel with the DW Spot than the HL Spot.
  • The DW rides better uphill with the fork at 160mm than the HL did, probably due to less squat.

Things that could be better.

  • There is a lot of chain noise when speeding downhill in a big chain ring due to the elevated chain stay. I am about to go to a double ring set up, which should quieten things up!

Yes, I am loving my new bike and I cant wait to get it out on some good back country summer missions!!

I fear I might have upgraditis though. I am starting to think I want a nice set of U-turn coil Lyriks for the front rather than my Talas 36’s. I miss the feel of a coil fork!

Happy trails!


New frame ready to go!

Grease zirks

The old faithful. Could do with a spruce up!!


4 responses

  1. Nice. Very nice 🙂 Why not go Fox TALAS?

    February 7, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    • mountainbikingzane

      Coil forks feel nicer than air. That is all.

      February 7, 2010 at 2:03 pm

  2. Ah ok 🙂

    February 7, 2010 at 5:10 pm

  3. ta

    Hi Zane, ta here nice review keep us posted how ya go with the upgradeitis.

    I’m looking to upgrade my TNT Spot to DWL after a demo ride as ya know.

    The old bike is still a great ride, but better with a 140mm fork [Pike]

    Like you I will be after a coil Lyrik, something ya may or may not know and unless its changed the Sram guys in NZ do not bring in the coil ver doh.

    So unless they have changed this a online purchase might be necessary.

    Bike looks great too BTW, I will have to make sure not to get Iron glimmer so we don’t clash, [RAW for me]

    To help silence that chain slap get a chain guide Gamuts dewlie is super light nice and thin BB plate fitting be perfect Zane.

    Happy trails and like ya blogg!!

    February 7, 2010 at 5:22 pm

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