Stories of Zane riding his Mountain Bike in New Zealand

August/September Update

Yup, it has been a while since the last update, but dont worry I did not turn into a couch potato! Winter has left, and there has been a lot of spring sunshine and warm days. There has been a bunch of stuff happening over the last few weeks including:

1. Some riding of my bike, without my camera along. I have had a couple of good rides on the tracks in the foothills with mates. In my opinion there is still nothing that beats a good technical beech forest trail!

I have also been up the hill night riding in the evening. It is getting pretty dusty up there, which makes it rather hard to see when your light simply illuminates dust floating in the air rather than lighting the trail!

2. Quite a lot of Skiing. I especially liked the 3 brilliant days we had up at Ohau. Fresh snow on the Thursday and spring conditions on the Friday and Saturday. Perfect clear blue skys and no wind the whole time! Jo and I had a lesson about a month ago and we are both pleased how much we have both progressed with our skiing technique.

Ohau skifield

Ohau skifield

Ohau I love to ski

Ohau I love to ski

3. Some partying with friends, including fancy dress. A couple of photos over here

4. Some teaching of Mountain bike Skills Clinics. I have had a bunch of ladies who are taking part in the Spring Challenge (Womans specific adventure race) come along to improved their handling skills.

More info on the skills clinics here

More info on the Spring Challenge here

5. Some maintenance of trails out at Living Springs including realigning bridges and armouring/draining of winter wet patches. More info over on Vorb

6. Helping set up the new Christchurch Singletrack Club who will be promoting and organising track building and club style racing around Christchurch. There will be a website up at sometime in the next month or so. In the mean time you can find us on Facebook

If you would like to join us there are membership forms currently here

7. I just reposted some old blog posts from another site up here. One about riding the Warfedale Track and another about doing some Retro Racing.

With the days getting longer and warmer I am starting to think of planning some more big mountain missions! There is exploring that needs to be done out in those hills, and I am thinking that maybe some overnight trips might be needed to get to the hard to reach places!!


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