Stories of Zane riding his Mountain Bike in New Zealand

My bikes

This is my current ride. It is a 2005 (I think?) Turner 5 Spot. The classic horst link one. I like it a lot! Light enough for epic back country riding, yet it has enough travel and is strong enough to ride some gnarly technical trails. Nice stiff Fox 36’s up front with travel that flicks between 100, 130 and 160mm make the bike very versatile. 5 and a bit inches of travel in the rear is enough to have fun with. Love the Gravity Dropper for the sort of riding I do.

The current build of my 5 Spot

The current build of my 5 Spot

The only thing that is starting to worry me is the carbon bars that are on there, so I have a brand new set of Kore Torsion Race bars ready to put on there. Better safe than badly injured! I have nothing against carbon bars… I just think they have a life… and I think after 3 years of hard riding mine have had their life.

I do have other bikes in the shed, but the Spot gets pulled out for duty about 95% of the time. The hardtail in the shed is an old faithful. I took the Avanti Competitor around the world with me when I was guiding. It has been thrashed!! It in fact started out its life as an Avanti Aggressor, but I snapped the frame while guiding in Chamonix, France. Avanti sent the Competitor frame as a replacement. I doubt that there would have been many other Competitor frames running 5 inch Marzocchi Z1 drop offs back in 2002… but it made a great trail riding bike and it survived the rest of the season in Chamonix, then Wales, the UK, 2 years of guiding in Bolivia with Gravity Boliva and a year of guiding here in New Zealand when I got home. Calling it the same bike is almost a misnomer. I think it has the original hubs and disc brakes and that is about it!!

The trusty Avanti Competitor

The trusty Avanti Competitor, hard at work guiding in Boliva

I have a retro bike in the shed, as it is fun to get out on an old bike and remember where it all started from. This is an almost completely original Diamondback Ascent (I even have the original Panaracer Smoke tyres!!). Bought it for $90…. which is a lot cheaper than the $1000 or so it would have cost me back in the day!!

The retro bike out on the trails

The retro bike out on the trails

I also have a single speed, built up out of bits in the shed. It has some classic retro parts on it like the White Brothers forks (which I must take off and hang on the wall as they leak oil like the Exxon Valdez!!)

The mighty bitzer single speed

The mighty bitzer single speed

There are some bikes that I have owned and ridden over the years that are missing from my current collection such as:

My first mountain bike ever, a Worldrider Mountain Machine. 15 gears, riser bars, steel framed, steel rimed beast. I used to ride it down the local river bed a lot before I got into the mountains. It was so heavy I was able to ride it along even when the water was over the handlebars!! For some reason I remember rebuilding the hubs and bottom bracket on that bike frequently??

My second mountain bike. A Milazo Rock Comp 2. An elevated chainstay behemoth of a steel bike. Full Shimano Deore DX though! It lasted a couple of years before I broke the chainstay, which Milazo welded and sent back to me. A couple more months and I managed to break it through the down tube, at which point Milazo (who had another brand called Extreme) sent me an Extreme Eclipse.

The Milazo Rock Comp 2 at a race in the Timaru Senic Reserve

The Milazo Rock Comp 2 at a race in the Timaru Senic Reserve 1991

The Extreme Eclipse was a reasonable bike, even if it was fluro green, and it still lives. It currently hangs in the shed at my fathers place, and sometimes gets taken for sedate rides. I would like to have it back in my collection, but might have to build a bigger shed first!!

Extreme Eclipse biking up the Godley Valley in 1993

Extreme Eclipse biking up the Godley Valley in 1993

There have been a few other bikes over the last 20 years of biking like my custom O’Brian unicycle. It was a friends prized road racing bike, which was crashed and subsequently was an insurance write-off. The seat tube, down tube and bottom bracket, along with a pair of BMX forks and wheel made a fantastic 6 foot Unicycle.

Custom O'Brien Unicycle

Custom O'Brien Unicycle

There was this fantastic little bike, which we used for our safety demonstrations when I was guiding in Bolivia. Would be fun to have one of these again!!

Diablo on a clown bike

Diablo on a clown bike

I think I will leave it on that note!!


6 responses

  1. Good stuff 😀

    June 30, 2009 at 1:42 pm

  2. Russel

    I wonder whatever happened to that tandem we (you) built in 4th year :-), two old road bikes and bit of steel pipe and some dodgey welding and it was still capable of 60km + down Fitzherbert St

    July 15, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    • mountainbikingzane

      Yeh, I wonder too. Complete build cost was $5 for an extra long gear cable!! We had some fun nearly rolling the tyres off it on the cycle track corners on the way out to university. Did we just leave it in the shed at the flat when we left, or did we give it to someone??

      July 16, 2009 at 8:35 am

  3. Russel

    I remember taking it round to Matt’s place with one of his younger brothers.

    July 16, 2009 at 9:42 am

  4. mountainbikingzane

    Right. I hope they got some fun out of it too! Actually my 6 foot unicycle met the same fate. I left it with someone when I went off traveling, and I have no idea where that has ended up! It is pretty unique so I am sure I could easily identify it if I ever saw it!

    July 16, 2009 at 9:55 am

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