Stories of Zane riding his Mountain Bike in New Zealand

8 and half hours of mountain biking goodness

Recipe to go mountain biking for 8 and a half hours.

1. Pack stuff the night before and then get up early!

2. Leave Christchurch and drive to about the middle of the island. Meet some guy from other side of the island at the end of the track and leave one car.

3. Drive to other end of track. Get bike and gear. Check that there is enough food and spares and clothing to last the distance.

4. Start biking.

15. There may be some walking involved as the initial gradient gets steep. You will soon climb above the tree line.

2After an hour or two you will be at the first high point. Eat, drink and then point your bike down the lovely beech forest tracks!!

3There will be some challenging bits, but that is all part of the fun!

4and some fast flowing bits

5and you might have to cross the river a few times

6There are good spots to take a rest and eat more food

7and the side streams you have to cross start to get bigger! You are now almost half the way around the ride, and about to start heading up a valley instead of down. There is another big climb to get over the saddle at the top of the valley.

8The top of the saddle is a welcome sight as it is mostly downhill out to the car from here.

9and it is a fun down hill!

10starting off with open tussock country and descending into fantastic beech forest

11with bridges

12and flowing tracks beside flowing streams

13All good things come to an end when 8 hours later you find yourself rock bashing out a riverbed to get back to the car!

Always a fantastic trip through challenging trails!! For the 6 or so hours of biking there is usually about 2 hours of bike carrying, but it is well worth the effort!!

This is a rough elevation guide from the MapMyRide software



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